About Us

Betty needed a break. Life had taken its toll on her and she knew she needed to get away from it all for a while. So she packed up her car, loaded up her bike, dropped the kids off with grandma, and hit the open road. She traveled to states she had never been. In every city where she stopped, Betty summoned up the courage to make new friends. She also fell in love with her bicycle again when she discovered off road trails along the way. 

She came home from the adventure feeling liberated. And with legs covered in bruises from her off road experiences. She called them badges of honor, and she wore them as such. In no time at all she was traversing new terrain all over her home turf, discovering beautiful wooded bike trails she had never known existed.

Her passion for biking grew when she realized how much it taught her about herself. She became keenly aware of her ability to persevere. She was reminded that no matter how many times she falls down, she always gets back on the bike. And when she came up on obstacles too quickly to stop, she gripped her handlebars tight, held onto hope, and willed herself through the challenge. 

Soon she began to see that the journey through life works the same way. Betty continued riding, and the lessons began to saturate her life. With a renewed sense of strength and awareness of who she was, she blossomed. Her legs were often still covered in bruises, because some days she crashed more than she soared. She began to embrace the idea that although not every day was full of graceful moments, tackling obstacles, and monumental victories, every day she kept her chin up was a victory in itself. 

She decided the sky was the limit. If life is what we make it, then hers was going to shine with all the colors of who she was capable of being. She opened her box of dreams, cast her arms open wide, and turned to face her fears. It didn't take long to believe she was no ordinary Betty. She was lucid Betty. 

She dreamed of her story, and of how it might inspire others. She thought of countless other things in this world that had inspired her as well.  And she felt inclined to share these with the masses. How wonderful would it be if people could find a plethora of their favorite, unique things, all in one place?

We hope you find something here that makes you laugh. Or reminds you it's ok to cry. Words you can connect with. Shoes boasting of your personality. Something that encourages you.  A little pick-me-up when you’re feeling down. 

And never forget....
Go find the thing that inspires you. Try something new. Get out of your box. Step away from old comforts. And get lucid.